Autopilot was created through a merger of MEA Mobile’s photo print businesses and PicsOS imaging technology solutions.   MEA Mobile was founded in 2010 with Autopilot officially launching in 2019. The company provides technology services to the photo printing industry. Autopilot has offices in New Haven, Connecticut and Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Services:

  • Retail Print Network: Access to over 30,000+ retail locations across the world. Photo products & Business Printing
  • Photo Lab Print Network: Regional access to high volume professional print labs across the world for home delivery fulfillment.
  • API as a service: We provide and manage a complete API for third parties to access existing print infrastructure.
  • App Solutions for Photo Retailers: Complete turn-key solutions for Apple, Android and Web. Stress free long term maintenance.
  • Independent Retailer Network: Easy to Join, Zero Setup Fees, Zero Monthly Fees, Low Commissions.

The Autopilot print network includes the world’s most respected names in imagery and professional camera stores including independent Fuji Dealers, Nortisu dealers, Kodak Alaris along with partnerships with Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target and more.

As a network of networks, the Autopilot modern API enables communication between existing API’s and offers a complete solution for retailers who do not have their own API.

For developers, Autopilot offers a single integration to connect to over thousands of retailers across the world.  Photo prints as well as other specialty photo products are available on-network.

For retailers, Autopilot provides additional print volumes by connecting idle printers to a growing portfolio of apps which send orders.  The world’s finest photo professionals are enabled through connection to the network.

As a solution provider, Autopilot offers a complete package for retailers who don’t currently have mobile apps or an API.  The company provides a white label API and mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

  • Developers:  We offer third party software developers a simple connection to retailers across the world.
  • Printer Manufacturers:   Printer manufacturers work with Autopilot to provide their customers with mobile software solutions.
    • Noritsu
    • FujiFilm USA
    • FujiFilim GmbH
    • DNP
  • Retailers:  Increase store traffic by linking to our print network.  A portfolio of apps provides instant customers to print photos at your store.
    • Argentina
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • Australia
      • Camera House
      • Ted’s Cameras
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • Columbia
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • Hong Kong
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • New Zealand
      • Warehouse Stationery
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • South Africa
      • Blitsdruk
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • United Kingdom
      • ASDA
      • Boots
      • Tesco
      • Max Spielmann
      • Snappy Snaps
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
    • United States of America
      • CVS Pharmacy
      • Walmart
      • Walgreens
      • Autopilot Independent Dealer Network
      • Target
      • Moto Photo