Instantly boost in-store revenue


Introducing the new Autopilot Photo Kiosk

Are you ready? It’s an iPad based photo kiosk! That’s right – no specialist hardware required –  just grab an iPad, install the app and your in-store solution is ready for orders. And yes, the Autopilot Photo Kiosk connects directly with your existing print queue.

Instantly boost in-store revenues with the small footprint, low cost Autopilot Photo Kiosk… for iPad.


Can you print photos straight from customer’s phones? Now you can!

Delight your customers with instant wireless transfer of phone photos to the Autopilot Photo Kiosk. No cables required! Just easy photo transfer to the kiosk from iPhone or Android.


Easily process orders

Just like you want, the Autopilot Photo Kiosk directly connects with your existing print queue. Choose from cloud based order management or connect directly with your store’s existing printer workflow. With support for major printer types, processing Autopilot Photo Kiosk orders is a breeze.


You print photos. We help you grow!

The Autopilot Photo Kiosk – the instant way to significantly boost photo printing customer numbers. Increase in store revenue and grow your retail brand.

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